Dehydrated food on the GR10

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by Robin M

Dehydrater with dried pears

Dehydrater with dried pears


I have made my own dehydrated meals for a long time now, but there is a problem with customs when travelling internationally. In the past I have been assured that my home-dehydrated meals would be OK (by email from the relevant officials) only to have them seized at the airports.

I personally like to use the local fresh food and only carry enough dehydrated to cover times I’ll be in the wilderness, if I can’t carry enough fresh. These days I don’t take my own dehydrated meals with me when I travel outside Australia – but would prefer them to the disgusting freeze-dried alternatives.

This is where the locals could become involved – I don’t know the health and safety regulations for food, but people like Mathias and Adeline from Esbintz could make and sell dehydrated meals to walkers. The initial outlay for the purchase of a dehydrator would be covered in less than 20 meals sold.

Dehydrater assembled

Dehydrater assembled


I have no ties with any of the people in the following links though I have communicated with Frank and have purchased his eBook “Food to Go”. All the info in the book can be sourced online, but the price is low, it is well put together and he deserves something for his efforts.

Hostels could sell food packs via their web page to people who aren’t even staying at their accommodation who will just pick them up when passing. This could encourage walkers to cross the Ariège rather than bypassing it.

Hostels could also sell “Cosys”. These lightweight insulated sacks save mess: pour in the boiling water and it keeps the food hot until it has rehydrated.

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