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Laña, le dernier bouquetin

Laña, le dernier bouquetin de Pyrénées est mort en 2000. Mais en 2014 des nouveaux bouquetins broutent dans les Pyrénées françaises grâce à des réintroductions.

Si vous cherchez un guide à la Traversée des Pyrénées, le fameux GR10, je vous conseille la série de la FFRP. Quatre guides avec cartes IGN 1:50.000, profiles, heures de marche, dénivelé, gîtes et refuges. Même un peu d’information sur les traditions,  les animaux et la flore.

Par contre, si vous voulez ressentir le parcours avant de l’entamer, ou que vous voulez découvrir les Pyrénées dans le confort de votre fauteuil, lisez plutôt Les Pyrénées tout en marchant sur le GR10. Soyons clair, ce n’est pas un guide au GR10. Il s’agit d’un récit de mon expérience personnelle du chemin qui rejoint Hendaye à Banyuls. Je ne suis pas le TGV du GR10 : il me fallait 63 jours.

Il existe plusieurs éditions : une version sur le bon vieux papier, publiée chez Cairn, une version Kindle, avec photos, et un e-book aussi avec photos. Toutes disponibles chez Pour les anglophones on trouve aussi des éditions dans la langue de Shakespeare.

Sur ce site vous trouverez, en plus des extraits du livre, des informations pratiques et un blog sur les Pyrénées françaises et espagnoles.


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  1. Nicholas Thomas dit :

    Dear Steve

    Two questions – I expect to have a chance to get to Lac de Bouillouses below Carlit in a few weeks – most likely around 6/7 June. Is there likely still to be snow on Carlit or could one reasonably walk to the top? I have done it twice before, but in August/September. I’m a walker not a mountaineer so don’t want to attempt any high altitude snow or ice.

    Secondly, is it reasonable to plan to walk Hendaye to Lescun, or even slightly further, in two weeks? I have done other sections but not the Atlantic end (in late June).

    Very best, many thanks again for the great site –

    all best wishes

  2. steve dit :

    Dear Nicholas
    I was on the lower slopes of Canigou yesterday. The snow started at about 2300 but was patchy. Madres the same. By 6/7 June there is a good chance you will be able to climb Carlit, though a patch of ice in the wrong place might stop you.
    Yes Hendaye to Lescun would be reasonable.
    Bonne rando

  3. Emmet Christiansen dit :

    Hi Steve,

    My friend and I are going to be hiking the GR10 in June- August. We’re from Chicago, so we are going into this thru hike slightly inexperienced as we’ve never hiked internationally before.

    I have just a few questions:

    Do you believe trekking poles will be necessary on the trail? It seems like there will be a few steep down climbing sections, but I’m slightly reluctant to buy them.

    I am bringing a very minimal amount of clothing, I’m bringing a light jacket, gloves, and a beanie just in case it gets too cold. Should I bring anything more?

    Is there phone service in the Pyrenees, and is it necessary to bring a GARMIN GPS?

    Finally, are there any wild animals besides the sheepdogs that we should truly be worried about?

    Thank you very much for creating this thorough and detailed website


  4. steve dit :

    Hello Emmet
    I believe in trekking poles in all circumstances! Used properly – by putting my weight on them – they take weight off my knees, one of my problem areas on long walks. They also provide me with stability so that instead of boots I can wear trail shoes, which are lighter.
    You need more clothes than you are suggesting. The temperature can drop 15°C in 15 minutes in a storm. So you can be walking with a temberature of 5° in a wind. (To avoid most storms, set off at dawn and aim to arrive before 16:00. Mornings can be very cold as well.
    The mobile phone service is patchy, though you will pick up a signal at some time every day. You don’t need a GPS. Mobile phones are better, in flight mode, having downloaded the maps and a route beforehand. Have everything on both phones, just in case. Take a 10,000mA battery to recharge them.
    You are unlikely to meet any of the 70 brown bears. I haven’t seen one in 25 years’ walking. You will meet livestock guardian dogs, however. These are different to sheepdogs. If you see one in a flock go round the flock, however difficult the detour is. If you try to cross the flock it will attack you. That is its job and it will be considered your fault if you get bitten.
    Most of all, have fun

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