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  1. Jenny says:

    Hello Steve,

    Myself and a couple of friends are planning to do about 4 days walking of the GR10 in the first week of May. We arrive in Toulouse and planned to make our way to the gite in Artigue, spent the first night there and then onwards to the hut in Peyahitte and then Fos. We are relatively fit but do not want to take on something too arduous that involves battling with snow and ice. Christine at the gite in Artigue advised that there should no longer be snow by then. What are your thoughts about this stretch at that time of year? Also what are the accommodation options in Fos at this time of year?

    If this isn’t the wisest choice of the route for a 4 day holiday walk, and given that we will be setting out from Toulouse, any suggestions for less gruelling options?


  2. steve says:

    Hello Jenny

    Yes, I think Christine is right that you won’t have to battle with snow and ice, though there may be patches. What you are proposing is a beautiful walk and not too strenuous. You may even want to consider adding in a bit between Artigues and Peyrahitta because it is only 700m of climbing and 6km which you will be able to do easily in 4 hours however unfit you are. On the other hand the next day is 250m climbing, 1500m of descent and 16.6km and will take quite a lot longer.

    The cabane de Peyrahitta is primitive and at that time of year will be cold; there is no wood in the vicinity for making a fire. In Fos you can try the Repos du Moine.

    The other possibility is to walk in the valleys around Luchon returning to a base each night by taxi. I hope this helps.


  3. Jenny says:

    Hello Steve great to hear from you on this. I take your point about Peyrahitte not being an ideal resting spot between Antigue and Fos. Do you have any suggestions for a more equidistant (and maybe more comfortable) cabane to spend the night between these 2 places, a place about 10km beyond Antigue perhaps?


  4. steve says:

    Well there is the Cabane Courraus which will not be occupied by the shepherd at the beginning of May. But it could be locked. I don’t know anything about it except what you can see on the Pyrenees Refuges site. A little further on you will find the Cabane Artigues. Also the Cabane Artiguessans. Given that they are not far apart surely one will be open… But your best bet is to ask Christine or the Repos du Moine.

  5. Fabrice says:

    Je souhaiterais partir pour le mois d’Aout et partir de Laruns (ou le plus près) et finir sur Hendaye pour 7 à 9 jours de randonnées pour faire une petite partie de la Gr10 pour commencer.Plusieurs questions me viennent à l’esprit.
    -La première : Je veux partir seul cela peut poser des problèmes?Sachant que c’est la première fois que je me lance dans un tel projet.Pour info j’ai une bonne condition physique, je pratique le sport 4 à 5 fois par semaines.
    -La deuxième : Le balisage de la Gr10 est elle bien indiquée? Etant novice peut on se perdre facilement?Ai je vraiment besoin d’un carte?
    Je souhaite faire le trajet inverse et ne pas commencer à Hendaye mais plutôt en faire mon arrivée.Quelle gare me conseillerez pour commencer ma randonnée?Comme je l’ai écrit plus haut je souhaite commencer un peu près vers Laruns.
    Voilà j’espère que je pourrais avoir un peu d’aide de votre part.

  6. steve says:

    Bonjour Fabrice.

    Désolé pour le retard mais j’étais dans les montagnes.

    1. Il est déconseillé de partir seul… mais je le fais tout le temps. En tout cas vous allez rencontrer d’autres randonneurs sur le chemin. A condition de rester sur le chemin…
    2. Oui le balisage est bon. Mais il est imperatif d’avoir une carte (ou GPS), une boussole et savoir les utiliser. Sinon dans le brouilliard il est très facile de se perdre.
    3. Pour commencer la rando, le train va jusqu’à Bedous. Correspondance (bus, direction Canfranc) pour le Pont de Lescun.

    Pour information, le trajet Hendaye – Lescun m’a pris 10 jours.


  7. Storm says:

    Hi Steve,
    Thanks for all the tips!
    I’m planning on a getaway with 10 other buddies and we’re going from Lac de Gaube up to the Vignemale and over to Gavarnie before checking in to the hostel. Can you advise me on how long it would take to do that trip? I estimate 2 nights of camping but would love to hear from someone who’s done it. I’m asking because we’re somewhat limited on time.

    thanks again.


  8. steve says:

    Hi Storm
    Yes, two nights will be fine. (I’m assuming you are talking about the Pique Longue, the highest bit of the Vignemale and not the Petit Vignemale which could be done with a single overnight stay.
    Best wishes

  9. Ron Baer says:

    Hello Steve,

    I am so pleased to come upon your superb website — genuinely informative, and a joy to read. Based on that experience, I have just ordered your Pyrenees book from Amazon.

    I am planning time in the Pyrenees May 25 – June 5. This first time – just a taste – I’m intending day hikes and 1-2 day hikes in Estaing-Cauteret-Gavarnie region, then south in Canigou region.

    Could you please send me the vector version of your lodging map?

    Ron Baer

  10. steve says:

    Hi Ron

    Hope you enjoy the book. You should be OK for day hikes at that time of year but there will probably still be snow on the high passes – can you let us know at what level you find the snow please. I’ll send you the map.

    Have fun.

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