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6 Responses to “Subcribe by email”

  1. Storm says:

    Hi Steve,
    Thanks for all the tips!
    I’m planning on a getaway with 10 other buddies and we’re going from Lac de Gaube up to the Vignemale and over to Gavarnie before checking in to the hostel. Can you advise me on how long it would take to do that trip? I estimate 2 nights of camping but would love to hear from someone who’s done it. I’m asking because we’re somewhat limited on time.

    thanks again.


  2. steve says:

    Hi Storm
    Yes, two nights will be fine. (I’m assuming you are talking about the Pique Longue, the highest bit of the Vignemale and not the Petit Vignemale which could be done with a single overnight stay.
    Best wishes

  3. Ron Baer says:

    Hello Steve,

    I am so pleased to come upon your superb website — genuinely informative, and a joy to read. Based on that experience, I have just ordered your Pyrenees book from Amazon.

    I am planning time in the Pyrenees May 25 – June 5. This first time – just a taste – I’m intending day hikes and 1-2 day hikes in Estaing-Cauteret-Gavarnie region, then south in Canigou region.

    Could you please send me the vector version of your lodging map?

    Ron Baer

  4. steve says:

    Hi Ron

    Hope you enjoy the book. You should be OK for day hikes at that time of year but there will probably still be snow on the high passes – can you let us know at what level you find the snow please. I’ll send you the map.

    Have fun.

  5. John Desbrow says:

    Bon Jour

    Has Covid-19 closed the GR 10 accessibility in 2020? I am in California and had planned to hike the GR10 in 2020. What is the current status?


    John Desbrow

  6. steve says:

    Hi John
    The current status is that from 11 May, if you live in a southern French department you will be able to go anywhere in the department or 100km from your primary residence, whichever is the further. However, if you are not living in the area it will be difficult, if not impossible, to get to the Pyrenees. It might just be possible that by the end of June things will be easier for French residents.
    Unfortunately, I think that international flights will probably not start again until too late for you to hike the GR10 this year. Sorry to be so pessimestic.
    Keep safe, Steve

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