Jean Lassalle following in the footsteps of Nicolas Hulot?

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Chassaigne Lassalle Lépine

Serge Lépine, Jean Lassalle and André Chassaigne. Photo taken during a conference on rural problems, Camplong d’Aude, July 2009

That’s the question that La République des Pyrénées has been asking.

According to the newspaper’s Internet site: “Jean Lassalle [a French MP] is now leading a crusade against National Parks. He complains that we are heading for an American-style creation of ‘sanctuaries’, which don’t take into account the people who live there. Hammering home his message he says: Eight new parks are being created at present and we want to stop the process. He demands the repeal of the 2006 law which changed the status of the Parks.”

“In 2007, the TV environmentalist Nicolas Hulot succeeded in getting most of the presidential candidates sign a ‘green pledge’ on the environment. Will Lassalle have the same success?”

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